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Why Choose MAD Catering?

We are passionate about all things food related. Plus we are well versed in planning around budgets.  Furthermore we pride ourselves on being able to ‘WOW’ and deliver great catering services every time.

Eliminate any catering hassles…

Whatever the occasion, when you choose MAD Catering for your next event, your catering hassles and worries disappear. This gives you the peace of mind and time to spend valuable time with your guests.

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Quality Food & Service

If you have an event or occasion you require catering services for, why not get in touch to chat about options that will best suit your needs.

Contact us for your catering requirements and additionally to discuss how we can cater for you. Please email us or call us on 027 321 1920 to get in touch with us directly and we will be pleased to offer advice on any aspect of catering for your event.