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Tailored Commercial Catering

Tailored Commercial Catering – At MAD Catering we work with a variety of businesses in various sectors including education, professional services and manufacturing and we know the well-being and satisfaction of your staff has a huge impact on the performance of your business.

We understand that access to good nutritional food has a positive impact on your staff and business, meaning less unproductive hours while staff are away from the office, having happy staff performing to their full capacity with less absenteeism, all of which has a big impact on your business.

Contact us to discuss your catering requirements and let us design a personalized service to meet your businesses needs. Please email us or call us on 027 321 1920 to get in touch with us directly and we will be pleased to advise.

MAD Catering Solutions Can Help You...

Add Value To Your Business

Adding Value To Your Business – MAD Catering can assist with adding value to your business by:

  • Taking on the financial running of your in-house catering operations.
  • Offering catering solutions within all areas of your business.
  • Forming good working relationships with you and your staff.
  • Offering a first class service, being consistent, respectful and reliable.
  • Maintaining high standards and incorporate your business model.
  • Giving great customer service to you, your staff and visitors.
Nutritional Satisfying Catering

Add Value To Your Staff

Adding Value To Your Staff – MAD Catering can assist with adding value to your staff by:

  • Bringing them together to enjoy their free time while at work.
  • Offering an enjoyable experience, catering for dietary requirements.
  • Having a positive effect on their well-being, by offering nutritionally satisfying food options.
  • Working with your business management to tailor the kinds of catering you feel your staff would most benefit from.
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Enjoy Catering Your Way

Catering Your Way – We work with your business to facilitate the kind of catering establishment you would like to see for your staff and visitors. We look at your current options, your buildings and facilities and see how we can fit into these.

We will work with you to design your café, canteen, student facility, or vending option. We would look to make any changes as seamlessly as possible and to maximise the catering experience, we can look at online ordering, cashless payment options, account systems were possible as well as contactless options.